‘Modern, Stylish and Sexy Lingerie’: The inspiration behind Red Fern Lingerie's beautiful pieces for survivors of Breast Cancer

‘Modern, Stylish and Sexy Lingerie’: The inspiration behind Red Fern Lingerie's beautiful pieces for survivors of Breast Cancer

Guest Blog: Tina Doueihi from Red Fern Lingerie


Annie has kindly asked me to write a guest blog how my personal journey with breast cancer led me to create my exciting mastectomy lingerie brand, Red Fern Lingerie 

I recently met Annie through a mutual friend and we both connected through our love of lingerie and creating our new lingerie brands that meet unique needs.

My life changed completely on Friday, 18 April 2008.  I heard the words “I’m sorry, you have breast cancer”. It was those words and my first post-surgery bra fitting that led me to create Red Fern Lingerie.

To know Red Fern Lingerie, you need to know my love of beautiful lingerie.  I love the lace, the delicate fabrics, the way that just putting something nice on changed my day and how I felt.  So you can only imagine how I felt when I went for a fitting post-surgery and saw the limited styles available. Basically my choice were bras that belonged on my great great great grandmother, not a 37 year old woman used to wearing beautiful lingerie. 

I was unable to understand why lingerie that has a purpose of being functional could not also be pretty, stylish, modern.  It was like mastectomy lingerie was a taboo within the lingerie industry.  As a survivor, I understand the struggle to find lingerie post-surgery and treatment that meets the needs of functionality and comfort and combines this with our desire to feel like the women we are by wearing modern and stylish designs.

From my frustration and wanting to provide a real choice to my sister survivors I started Red Fern Lingerie.  My goal is to create lingerie that is modern, stylish and sexy.  My goal is to allow my sister survivors to feel like the amazing women they are despite what the disease and treatment took away.  I also believe that wearing beautiful lingerie can help the healing process.

Red Fern Lingerie has two core values.  The first is to return the choice to my sister survivors when shopping for lingerie, the choice we enjoyed before cancer took it away.  Returning the choice to women empowers women.  The second is to use women who had breast cancer as models.  They are our ambassadors and they are the women who will be buying, wearing and enjoying our lingerie.

On a personal level, creating Red Fern Lingerie has helped me reclaim the confidence in my body, self and soul.  By creating a brand that truly understands my sister survivors it brings me joy to see women feel fantastic again.  I receive many emails, letters and phone calls from women who love wearing Red Fern Lingerie.  In essence, the messages are always the same from the women; it is thank you for helping me feel like a woman again.  It is thank you for finally giving me a real choice in lingerie. 

Finally, it is also Pinktober, a month when the global community turns pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.

I say breast cancer is beyond pink.  Awareness is knowing the symptoms of the breast cancer.  Awareness is knowing your family genetic history.  Awareness is knowing that breast cancer does not discriminate.  Awareness is knowing that breast cancer is real. 

I say research is key.  Research is key into improving patient outcome. Research is key to new and improved diagnostics and treatment. Research is key to finding a cure.

Please get to know your breasts and learn about the symptoms to look and feel for.  If you don’t know how to check your breasts or what to look and feel for, please ask your GP for a lesson.

If you have recently been diagnosed or are a sister survivor, we are here to support you in as many ways as possible (emotionally and your actual breasts too). As customers of My Cup Runneth Over, together we are offering a 20% discount on all stock so you can keep your beautiful selves, beautiful whatever you are faced with in this moment.  Just enter MCRO at check-out. Offer is valid until 30 November 2016.

Note: The cups on My Cup Runneth Over's collections allow for a prothesis to sit inside.

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