Free-Breasting is Best! Sometimes...

Free-Breasting is Best! Sometimes...
Free-Breasting is Best!

An article recently came across my path that reminded me of the ever-present constraining many women with a fuller bust engage in in the name of physical comfort. These constraining tactics range from wearing two bras during high impact activities, wearing very tight sports bras for most of the day and even wearing a bra to bed. The latter matter being more common than you'd like to much so that there are in fact "sleeping bras" in the market which keep 'the girls' contained during sleep time (and are usually VERY unappealing).

In its essence the article was about correct bra fitting but it also touched on breasts not having the opportunity to "breathe" thus potentially trapping toxins in the mammary glands and breast tissue and the possible - but as yet unproven - link to those toxins as a contributor or pre-cursor to cysts, lumps and breast cancer.

Now when I think about this, it makes sense. Proven or unproven. Given the history of our beautiful assets generally swinging loose until the fashions - both clothing and lifestyle - required they be pushed up, tied down, showed off, covered up, given shape Etc Etc. Think of what that wonderful (not necessarily comfortable) swinging did to get the blood moving while gathering food while the men-folk were hunting. And, if you've ever been so brave, remember how awesome it feels when topless swimming in a pool or surf and how awesome it feels for your boobs to be free!

As a designer of clothing by one woman for other women, you might think I'd condemn the idea of bra-free activity seeing my whole focus is on support for women's breast assets. But, hey, I have FF boobs! I know the fine line between the discomfort of braless-ness (including the sense of exposure and vulnerability), and being comfortable while getting some "breathing" time.

For me, the most important takeaway from that article is to get some bra-free time in though it does not have to be at the sacrifice of comfort. The mix of your relax-time clothing letting the blood circulate around your breasts and that boob-free feeling is inherent in each My Cup Runneth Over design - but with the gentle support that = comfort. That is why I do what I do and can't live without my own creations every day (but I never miss an opportunity to "Free-Breast" in the pool!). Hoping you do the same!

Your bosomed buddy,

Annie xx

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