Holiday in comfort, style and sophistication!

Holiday in comfort, style and sophistication!

Have you ever found yourself on a long-haul flight, sitting bolt-upright in a seat, thinking what mind were you in to have worn this outfit on an airplane? Held in tight by an ill-fitting bra or a tight pair of jeans? In all the years I have been flying, I still make the mistake of uncomfortable flight-apparel. I end up being stabbed by the underwire in my bra, and eventually get to the point where I’m living very much on the edge by unclipping my bra 40,000 feet up in a metal tube full of strangers. It’s ridiculous!

Then I flew in our Bamboozled Collection, and WOW! What a difference! Sleeping upright (or even up front in Business) will never be comfortable, we’ve all come to accept it. But there are some changes we can make to ensure our flying experience – whatever the situation – is just that much more enjoyable. We all know the risks of wearing tight clothing on flights: the dangers of sitting still in the air for long periods of time are shouted at us through every medium going on long flights. Sitting immobile, especially in tight clothing, for a long period of time and can lead to some pretty unsavory discomfort and medical issues. And that’s exactly why I’ve chosen a combination of the Do It With Flare Pants, the Straight Laced A-Line Top, and the Wrap Top to cover: it’s a dream to sit in whatever the position, the top supports your bust while at the same time keeping you decent, and it’s elegantly luxe and easily loosened as you settle in for the long haul. You can also layer our Straight-Laced Top under anything you’d like. If you’re a flyer who gets cold, throw a gorgeous knit over it and have the soft and luxe bamboo on your skin (remember: Bamboo is like silk, it warms and cools to your comfort level).

Now you’re covered for flights, the fun begins when you get there! Seaside is where us busty ladies can feel the most vulnerable and frustrated always needed to wear a bra. No more!, We’ve got the perfect solution for post-sun relaxation. Our Wild Child Dress from the Sunshine Collection is the perfect combination of lightness and covering for when you step out of your bikini … shower … and don’t want to pull on your bra over your after-sun cream.

For when you would like to feel as free and as comfortable as you will post-sun in our Wild Child Night Dress, but want more coverage, our combination of Wide Leg Chill Out Pant and Swing It Sister Top is for you. Bamboo against sun-kissed skin is a beautiful combination, and I know you’ll love it as soon as you step into it. The long, flowing pants paired with a loose fitting material around the midriff, and a supportive cocooning cup for The Ladies (boobs!) is the perfect combination of relax-apparel to wear from the bed to villa breakfast and back to bed for that all important late morning holiday siesta.

Poolside holiday, yoga retreat, family holiday, romantic break; whatever the occasion we’ve got you covered – literally.

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