PJ or Nightie: Which Way Do You Swing?

PJ or Nightie: Which Way Do You Swing?

Are you a nightie or a PJ girl? It’s our experience at My Cup Runneth Over that you’re either one or the other, it is a rare bird that is both. And while it may seem like a rather intimate subject, we’ve found that women of all ages are perfectly happy, if not enthusiastic, to talk about their sleepwear preference. While in 2016 PJs outsell nightdresses by 3 – 1, is the nightdress a left over reminder of an era gone by, or is it making its way back ready to over shadow the currently-favoured PJ sets?

Firstly, with nighties and PJs, there are obviously benefits to both.

Those firmly in the nightie camp say that their favoured night-time apparel gives them liberation from daytimes wearing tight pants and restrictive tops. Not only that, they contend nightdress also provides the right temperature to sleep in whilst still maintaining modesty, and more importantly, it gives ladies the feeling of being feminine and stylish, with some women even saying that their nightdresses gave them the dramatic edge that the PJ set did not. However, there is a certain drawback to nightgowns: if you’re a restlessly thrashing sleeper, it is more than likely that you will end up waking up in a state of panic with your once gorgeous nightdress gathered up around your neck with arms poking out of the top like an unassisted toddler trying to remove a turtle neck jumper. However, you ladies out there already wearing your My Cup Runneth Over Nightdress’ know the benefits of cocooning cups and our under bust tie which not only provide support to your breasts, but also has the added bonus of anchoring your nightdress for the thrashiest of sleepers.  

On the other side of the fence are those women who are steadfast pyjama wearers. The contention behind their late-night choice of attire is the ease and comfort of it all. With several pairs of PJs in your wardrobe, if it’s hot, cold or somewhere in between, you’ve always got the option of long or sleeveless top, and long or short bottom. It’s totally customisable to how you feel on the night, or day – no judgement! Downside of the usual PJ set being, however, is that the stereotypical PJs are often oversized, men’s styling, or cutesy, or old-fashioned, and totally unsupportive for us ladies who are amongst the bosomy blessed. Those familiar with My Cup Runneth Over PJs will already know we offer elegance, panache and complete flexibility.

Are PJ sets are predominantly the go-to for the younger generations? If so, just how big is the generational aspect to it? Stop and think about it. Ladies, have you ever seen your mum in a pair of PJs? I have! My mum’s a swinger – well, that is she swings between PJs and nighies. But most people naturally fall into their category of nightie or PJs and tend to stay there. For instance, mums, have you ever seen your daughter in a nightdress? Maybe not. Personally, I take after my mum – swinger!

The debate of PJ verses nightie is passionate and full of conviction; the end result of it all is that comfort is key, and for me – style and flair should not be sacrificed after hours. Whatever your preference, PJs or nightdress, cotton or bamboo, Ice White or Smoke Grey, or maybe even a little bit of L’Orange, My Cup Runneth Over has something to suit every taste. 

Your bosomed buddy,

Annie xx

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