The Issue of the Girl-Child with Boobage

The Issue of the Girl-Child with Boobage

Parents, Aunties, Adults, Sisters … everyone generally knows someone with boob issues. Too small, too big, lop-sided, saggy, sore, swollen etc. Funnily, having trodden a particular road myself, the issue that always touch me the most is that of our developing young who, if suddenly faced with generous proportions, are experiencing an undeniable gloom that comes with sudden curves and not knowing how to deal with them. Often, that gloom and frustration extends to the parent and surrounding adult loved-ones who are listening to someone they love lament their body shape because nothing fits, their lifestyle is turned upside-down and they don’t feel as though they can love their body. Sigh …. it’s the frustration with garments at this stage that often seeds the first signs of body-hate. Bloody bloody “standard” sizing and the limitations therein.

I, all-too-readily, remember sobbing to my mum that “I hate my body”. At that stage in my life, my body didn’t feel like my own. My boobs developed fast and BIG and soon dwarfed my narrow waist. Suddenly I was being ogled by boys (and men) who often commented and behaved poorly shattering my confidence and sense of a private self. While the boys were giggling and chuckling to their peers about girls becoming women, I was there with two melons strapped to my chest wondering how on earth this had happened? Can I stop it? HOW do I stop it?? Yesterday I was a flat chested and sporty, now I’m an F and dare not run or jump!!! What the eff???

As time went on, so did my unhappiness with my body proportions and I would wail at Mum that it wasn’t fair. In hindsight I realise this was largely (pardon the choice of words here) a huge deal because clothing no longer fitted me nor were made for my proportions. Suddenly the only bra was a heifer old lady bra always in beige AND (to add insult to injury) the fashions that were in style (this was the 80s) made me look totally ginormous.  So instead of my figure being seen as a voluptuous shape, I was teased and labelled as fat. My overwhelming feeling was that my world was ending and I wanted a boob reduction NOW and that was that.

When I hear mothers, aunties, older sisters, cousins etc. of youngsters who feel the same way about their bodies, it can move me to tears still. I empathise with both my younger self and the younger girls going through the same thing AND their adult loved ones – after all, this agony is shared. I understand what it is to grow into plus-sized boobage and learnt to dress for them, appreciate them, and most importantly – love them!

You can’t change the body you’re born with (or you can with a great deal of money, pain and risk), I think the best option is to facilitate the adaption process and conjure as many positive environments, experiences and solutions as is possible while that young life adjusts to their gorgeous womanly shape.

Here are my tips for parents and adult supporters of kids with boobage: -

  1. Develop a list of retailers who are experienced and sensitive to curves and fuller busts – that can be your ‘go to’ list for lingerie solutions for semi-formals, formals, swimwear etc.
  2. Get to know brands who’s cut and shape allows for the volume of a fuller breast/figure.
  3. Know the situations where having to where a bra when others don’t can be socially off-putting for your child e.g. group sleepovers, social holidays, school camps … and arm them with some cute/pretty/functional options to counter the big-boob stigma (this is where we know our lounge & sleepwear is awesome!)
  4. Compliment their beautiful shape all the time and make positive references to older role models they will relate to who own their individual shapes confidently.

I realise now as an adult that the world wasn’t ending at that time, a boob reduction would have been a misguided mistake – especially at such a tender age, and guess what? It all turned out alright in the end … little did I know my whole life would be about boobs by this age, and strangely enough, driven by helping other young women avoid the same adolescent melancholy from boob issues.

If you know someone, young or old, who struggles with their body shape – whatever it may be – please send them our link or card, share our Facebook page with them, share by Email or on Instagram. If you’d like to go a step further and give them the gift of comfort (especially with the social holidays and Christmas around the corner), our collections with cocooning, modest, built-in breast support is one way you can ease the sensitivity and frustrations of relaxed attire without needing a bra 24-7.

We also now offer the wonderfully beneficial My Cup Runneth Over Gift Card found on the website so your loved one can choose a style for themselves.

Remember - we’re here to help and to create joy for all women. Our staff are on hand to assist with fitting dilemmas no matter the issue or size. Email us or call us at the studio on +61 (2) 9331 7781 and we always welcome gorgeous ladies looking for supportive and comfortable lounge/sleepwear garments into our Paddington Studio on Glenmore Road.

Your bosomed buddy,

Annie xx

By the way, this is the dictionary listing for “ogle” … ironic isn’t it?!

past tense: ogled; past participle: ogled
stare at in a lecherous manner. "he was ogling her breasts"

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