My Cup Runneth Over...Sleepwear + Loungewear for the bosomy blessed is finally here!

My Cup Runneth Over...Sleepwear + Loungewear for the bosomy blessed is finally here!

Comfortable sleepwear, lounging solutions and lingerie for the sisterhood of busty gal pals has become my obsession. 30 years of complaining about fashion for bigger boobs, 20 years thinking about solutions, 10 years of exploring ideas (and more whinging) and one year with the medal to the metal...we have now launched!!! We are here and online! It is with such enormous pleasure that finally I can share with you what all my research, development and hard work doing what I describe as "engineering in soft fabric" as yielded to deliver relax time solutions for the sisterhood of busty gal pals. I am so excited that now, finally, I can stop talking and SHOW you what I've have created (along with the amazing people I've been fortunate to surround myself with on this journey). And I know you will not be disappointed...

For me, living with FF boobs and being a size 10 bod has been a constant challenge. As I've grown older, frustrations peaked and the boobs dropped. That put URGENT on the find-a-solution button for me especially after hours when I wanted to relax without a bra. I wanted the trinity of style, comfort and support for my large (and ever loved) bust. One of the keys was ADJUSTABILITY. And that is where it started - but certainly was not the end!

More on the journey to My Cup Runneth Over joys later. Meanwhile, check out our gorgeous collection of sleepwear and loungewear that you will love - no matter what your body-booby proportions from D Cups up.

Hugs from your bosomed buddy,

Annie xx

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