What makes My Cup Runneth Over Sleepwear & Loungewear so incredibly innovative?

What makes My Cup Runneth Over Sleepwear & Loungewear so incredibly innovative?

What makes My Cup Runneth Over Sleepwear & Loungewear so incredibly innovative?

There are quite a few things! And a great deal of my time is spent telling people about what we do and why. The feedback is always amazingly positive especially from those who have long wished for the same solutions, and always embedded that conversation is HOW these solutions have been created. And this how ...

1. Our objective is to take bras out of the sleeping/relaxing zone and replace with gentle built-in support that will take you from the lounge to the bed to the breakfast table in complete style and comfort.

2. We have totally re-thought and re-worked how “relax wear” could and should function for women by…

  • Providing enough volume in the cup area for a fuller bust.
  • Choosing fabrics that are fabulous in providing soft comfort and gentle support for the bust.
  • By ensuring adjustability in every product - under the bust, over the shoulder and in our bottoms range to suit various heights and shapes.

Check out our Fitting Room video at

3. We have introduced a whole new sizing range to fit every body-bust combination so instead of the garment fitting and the cups not, you can choose a combination to fit your shape, size and proportions…

  • Small Body (8-10)+ D-E, F-G and H-J Cup Combination
  • Medium Body Size (12-14) + D-E, F-G and H-J Cup Combination
  • Large Body Size (14-16) + D-E, F-G and H-J Cup Combination

So, if you have a small body frame and a full bosom - you can choose from Small size body with a choice of cups say for example F-G ( this size would suit women with a bra size of 8F in this scenario).

4. Our cups’ fabric is stretchy so our fitting is easy - use your bra size as a guide as the fabric will ‘give’ to your bust and still provide soft support and shape for your breasts.

5. Our creations are not only for women who are bosomy blessed by nature, but also for …

  • Women who may have chosen a fuller bust and wish to care for their investment with gentle support.
  • Women who may have sensitive breasts during hormonal times and they wish for support to sleep.
  • Pregnant women when the bosoms are full and sore.
  • Women who would like to use the cup shape and functions of our sleepwear / loungewear to hold a protheses in after a mastectomy.

For more about our fit and function, go to our Fitting Room on our Shop site at  .

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